Antonio Clavijo Victori is a musician and visual artist from Barcelona. He studied History at the UB (Universitat de Barcelona). He was the composer and guitarist of Krautrock, spoken word and noise bands. Now, as Primo Gabbiano, explores the more experimental side of music using soundscape, ambient and first electronic music. With extensive experience on stage his staging is markedly visual and very close to installation.

As a visual artist he created the audiovisual material of the bands which he participated and a dozen of short films. In 2012, his video dance exhibition won the first prize of Taula de les Arts Visuals de Manresa. His video pieces have been selected in various international festivals and exhibitions. At the moment he is presenting his video art exhibition Book as a totem. He combines his artistic side with the management and presentation of a weekly radio program, La Moto de Sasha, focusing on contemporary art and experimental music.

In 2013 he premiered his first play, Rizomaquistelarva at the Antic Teatre in Barcelona. His taste for the theatrical action and happenings brought him to compose music for performances of different poets and visual artists. He has several projects in collaboration with musicians and artists from Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico and USA.

He is the president of Psonora, a sociocultural entity in which he explores the relationship between sound art, experimental works and cultural periphery. He is currently preparing the soundscape map of Pallejà.