Festus de Torelló 2019

On Saturday, July 6, I presented a double work on the sounds of the schoolyards at the Festus Festival in Torelló. The first of these was the broadcast, through the speakers shown in the video, of a composition made from the bells of the town’s schools. It always happens, with this type of works and locations, that the most important thing is to listen to the mix with the ambient sound.

Sala Beckett

Today, at the Sala Beckett, I will be discussing with Àlex Rigola and Úrsula San Cristóbal about violence and the performing arts. In my case, I will present a small paper entitled Performance and the mystical space of violence.    

Three Rivers

I am very happy that Jordi Garcia Rodriguez has used a fragment of one of my music for his video piece. We met in Berlin, before a concert that was going to give in an art gallery, we talked and exchanged contacts. There I could already see part of his work and I already liked it on the small screen of a mobile. And now, finally, we collaborate. You really want more. Three Rivers – Insight #1 from NoSoloTravelChronicles on Vimeo.

La luz!!

At the La Llum festival in Pallejà I present, together with Visual Pal, the installation El privilegi de la llum. It is a strange and small installation made, as we usually like, with recycling material and humble (sic). There is, it is the intention, many layers of significance in the situation of the lights on the scene. In addition, we have been able to work in one of the spaces that we like the most in the town: the glass house next to the Castell.

Reznos – Soria –

We have just finished (Visual Pal and I) an artistic residency in Reznos (Soria) where we have completed, among other projects, our Cova-Coven show, an idea of the intersection of everything that we are passionate about: music, image, body and voice. They have been creative and fruitful days. There are many things to do and share. Thanks to Nuria from Casa Tia Julia (Ciria) and Willem, Klien and Hermógenes.


At Unusual Project with Lola Nieto, presenting her exuberant Vozánica. A feast for all.


Here is Visual Pal and Primo Gabbiano’s contribution to the (dear) Kokoro Magazine. The theme was: zombies and, we, in Berlin, wanted to visit the subway station where the famous Possession scene (Andrzej Zulawski, 1981) was shot with Isabelle Adjani to be a bit of a zombie.


Amapola y Furia is the show we have presented on our tour of Germany. In it, Lorena Izquierdo, Visual Pal and Primo Gabbiano mix sounds, images and movement. But also poetry and lights. It is an improvisational performance where mise-en-scène is vital and the meanings are diluted and, therefore, multiplied.

Filmoteca de Catalunya

On Friday, 8th June, I was at the Filmoteca de Catalunya with the team of Desierto en tu Mente (Director: Marta Grimalt). In this film I collaborated on the soundtrack and I am really very happy with the result. The projection was framed in the splendid Mostra Internacional Films de Dones de Barcelona.    

Book as a Totem

Today I am opening the video art exhibition Book as a Totem at the Library Fondo of Santa Coloma de Gramanet. It turned out very well, there is linkage. This space looks like a contemporary art center disguised as a library in the center of the periphery. In other words: it is perfect for the intentions of this exhibition. These photos certify this glove-hand relationship.